Thursday, April 5, 2007

Why bother with postmodernism?

Here is how it will work. I will post questions according to the following schedule. You comment to any or all of the questions as you are able. Be sure to check back every now and then so you can reply to one another's postings.

April 6th

Why read about Postmodernism? AND Premodern and Modern Minds
April 13th
The Postmodern Turn against Reason; Truth, Power and Morality; AND The Self
April 20th
Language and Thought; Inquiry and Interpretation; Culture and Irony; History and Hope
April 27th

Why Read about Postmodernism?
White discusses “. . . three main concerns that thoughtful Christians have when they confront postmodernism. . .” (pg. 17). What are these and which one do you think is most critical for those who are in ministry with youth?
Premodern and Modern Minds
Would you say your church has pre-modern or modern tendencies? Give some examples. What are the benefits or pit-falls of these tendencies?

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