Friday, March 16, 2007

New discussion coming soon!

Postmodernism 101
A First Course for the Curious Christian
by Heath White

"Don't let the 'first course' language fool you. This is a five-course feast, presented on philosophical platters of gold and literary pitchers of silver. Premodern, modern, and postmodern people need to read this and discover what each offers each other."--Leonard Sweet, author of Postmodern Pilgrims and SoulTsunami

This is a great little book. It is easily accessible and presents postmodernism without the daunting jargon. White does a great job of describing postmodernism, comparing it to premodernism and modernism, and discussing what it might mean for the church. It will be a fun one to discuss.

Follow the link Brazos Press to read reviews, endorsements, and to purchase the book. I will post the first series of discussion questions on Good Friday April 6th. Until then. . . blessed reading!

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